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Going to Arlington forces even a grown man to feel some sort of awe. As far as the eye can see are tombstones of American Heroes forces a bit of silence over anyone. This is a good place to take children and teens to teach them of the loss and sacrifices that are made for us all. This cemetery shows what war is truly like and how truly easier our lives are at times. Our day to day actives tends to blur the true struggles some people face. Going here also gives you the opportunity to see the graves of JFK, and Joe Lois to name a couple. There are areas that have signs stating that it is hallowed grounds and to be silent. One of these areas is the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier, and if you don't obey this the guards will have no problem of informing you on how to be respectable. 

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The Arlington House

The Arlington House has a very interesting history dating back long before the land was a cemetary. The story begins with George Washington and finds it's way through history toRobert E Lee. From the view in the picture to the right is where The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier is. This is where the men on post take their turns marching back and forth protecting the tomb.